Despite its title, you will greatly enjoy the new single from Mara Connor. This marks the LA-based artist’s debut, ahead of an album that she has been working on with Langhorne Slim and Joseph Arthur. If it’s anything like the lead track, it will be a moody record with emphatic lyrics and overlapping melodies. Listen to ‘No Fun’ below.

Lovesickness comes in many forms. For Connor, it haunts her as a trick of the eye, blocking her crush’s lover with a mirror, which allows the image to include her. This ends up sprouting grand fantasies in her mind about their prospective happiness together, as if part of an alternate reality. Instead of making real moves to achieve her initial illusion, she laments her misfires and relies on luck to a fault—”I wrap my heart in clover,” she sings. The strength of her love is undeniable, though, not matter how counterintuitively she expresses it.

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