Low announced their 12th album Double Negative back in June with a powerful triad of new songs. We were spoiled then, but nonetheless it has been a long wait for more new material from them because those songs were just so fascinating and intriguing and we wanted to know what else would be in store on the album. This week we've gotten a little closer to finding out, as Low have released the closing track from Double Negative, 'Disarray'.

Similarly to those previous 3 released tracks, 'Disarray' makes use of crunchy, quaking, tremolo guitars to underscore the darkness in the song. Regardless, Mimi Parker's laserbeam voice cuts right through this enshrouded atmosphere, and the purity of her singing is resplendent, even as she sings of trying times. It's her voice, in combination with Alan Sparhawk's, that carries 'Disarray' up into something almost angelic, circling above the crumbling terrain beneath them.

Low's Double Negative comes out September 14th through Sub Pop.