We asked Lowell to guide us through her debut album, We Loved Her Dearly, and she didn't disappoint. Expect Lily Allen, sexual acts, abusive relationships, Backstreet Boys samples, legendary Canadian bands, paper shredding, dating dollars, Tucker Carlson and forgiveness.

Check out the guide below, and be sure to pick up We Loved Her Dearly, which is out now on Arts & Crafts.

1. 'Words Were the Wars': The day I wrote this song was the day I realized I had been stuck in an abusive relationship with a dumb fuck and was strong enough to leave. It seemed a good starting point for a record.

2. 'Cloud 69': "Coming on down cloud 69." Picture that moment right after you just finished the deed and you realize what got you there was pretty fucking weird. Clear history.

3. 'Summertime': I'm from Canada, where we should hibernate, but we don't… so we get depressed and write songs about the summer in beachy form.

4. 'The Bells': This song was pretty much made in 30 mins and is nearly all improvised. Kristopher Sonne on drums! Drum roll at 3:33… the rest of the song sucks.

5. '88': The growl sound that goes through this entire song is actually sampled from a Backstreet Boys song that never made their record. Cool eh?

6. 'The Sun': Lilly Allen was going to be in the studio next week and Martin and I were cooking up some demos to pitch to her. While puling out the double bass for a fun jazzy jam called 'I'm Glad We Broke Up Up Up' the patch cord got pulled out slightly and made an amazing feedback which we then looped and turned into this interlude. We didn't pitch this to Lilly Allen.

7. 'Palm Trees': I collaborated on this song with my friend James Bryan who in Canada is a legend for being the guitarist in '90s hit band Philosopher Kings and even more of a hit band Prozak where he is Milo.

8. 'I Killed Sara V': I ripped paper and put it in reverse to make this beat.

9. 'I Love You Money': I just really would rather date dollars.

10. 'LGBT': The end of this song is actually just me yelling into the microphone as a scrap vocal but we ended up keeping the take. At first it seems nonsensical but I was actually pretty impressed with myself for managing to reference Tucker Carlson from Crossfire in a freestyle rant.

11. 'Tell Me What You Want Me to Do': Because if you don't then I won't do it.

12. 'Time I Lower Me Down': Recorded the piano in this song on my grandmother's Steinway and then butchered its beauty by putting the entire piano in reverse. It's about forgiving yourself because sin isn't real.