Copenhagen post-punk four-piece Lower have signed with Matador and are releasing their debut album, Seek Warmer Climes, on June 16th. An album cut titled 'Lost Weight, Perfect Skin' is now available to stream, and, according to the band, it's a mere taste of the album's tense dissonance and staunch lyricism:

"Every song on the record deals in some way with personal development, be it emotional or cosmetic. How to act in different social contexts, and to acclimatize oneself into a given situation without losing face"

Stream 'Lost Weight, Perfect Skin' and see the album's tracklist below.

  • Seek Warmer Climes tracklist:
  • 01. Another Life
  • 02. Daft Persuasion
  • 03. Lost Weight, Perfect Skin
  • 04. Unkempt And Uncaring
  • 05. Expanding Horizons (Dar es Salaam)
  • 06. Bastard Tactics
  • 07. Soft Option
  • 08. Craver
  • 09. Tradition
  • 10. Arrows

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