Baltimore's Lower Dens have announced their first album in 4 years: it's called The Competition and is due for release on Sepetmber 6th through Ribbon Music. It's the follow up to 2015's Escape From Evil and seems set to continue down the more synth-laden and maximalist sound of that album.

They've used their driving alt-pop sound to perfection on first single 'Young Republicans', as they sardonically inhabit the mindset of a certain portion of society who are selfish, scared and outspoken about their feelings. The character inhabited by Jana Hunter on 'Young Republicans' is a heinous and deeply unlikable personality, but set to Lower Dens' beautifully shimmering synth-pop it's almost hard to resist. This is furthered in the brilliantly gaudy and garish video, which enhances the uncomfortable glitz underlying the track. Check it out below.

Lower Dens' new album The Competition is out September 6th on Ribbon Music - pre-order it here.

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