Earlier this year Danish quintet Lowly released their debut album Heba on Bella Union. Its combination of glacial synths, delicate electronic flourishes and sky-searching vision made it one of the most immediate yet cerebral releases in recent memory. It's no surprise then that Lowly would want to make their videos just as thought-provoking as their music, and for the release of the video of album standout 'No Hands' they have acquired an ideal match in the form of the performance piece (S)kjønn Safari.

(S)kjønn Safari was created by dancers Louis Schou-Hansen & Harald Andreas Beharie, and is "based on a re-negotiation of the body and explores the potential in working with physique from a gender neutral base, and which consequences politics and society have for gender as a stereotype and/or norm." They asked themselves, "Is it possible to create a third gender which is neither male or female, but as Harald and Louis suggests – gender neutral?" The result is a gripping "dance" between two men seemingly grappling with each other, but also delicately entwined, working symbiotically to create something larger.

Lowly sought permission to couple an excerpt from a recording of the piece for the video for 'No Hands', and are "very honoured" that the artists agreed to let them use (S)kjønn Safari. Lowly said of the video, "there is an intense and restless struggle between attraction and revulsion between two people that seem to be both in need of each other but and tearing each other down. That makes the piece beautiful and devastating at the same time, the same goes for the song itself and what it seems to be telling The core of the song is this ambivalence and perhaps why we thought it fitted so well with Louis’ and Harald’s performance."

Watch the clip of (S)kjønn Safari accompanied by Lowly's 'No Hands' below.