LT Wade is a British songwriter and musical journeyman. He got his start playing guitar for Courtney Love out in LA, before moving back to London to play various roles in underappreciated bands like Lord Auch and FURS. Having decided to go solo, Wade has spent a restless few years moving between LA, London and New York, all of which have informed his debut album Transient - due out on July 27th through Dopeness Records.

The lead single from the album was 'My Sun & Stars', and his new track 'Lost Angeles', released this week, is also one of the LA-inspired tracks on Transient. When we think of the fabled Californian city, we picture sun, sea and beautiful people everywhere - we forget about the pollution, traffic and hustle. LT Wade taps into both these side of LA, with the shaggy sway of the guitar recalling the hip nature of LA lifestyle and its ubiquitous sun. Lyrically, Wade taps into the false facade of LA's culture, the peculiarity of some of its residents. All this incongruity leaves him glamorously miserable in the show time chorus. Check it out below.

LT Wade's debut album Transient comes out July 27th on Dopeness Records. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.