The fascinating Ukranian composer and pianist Lubomyr Melnyk returns to your ears afresh with a brand new EP, Evertina. You may remember when he released an album called Corollaries from 2013. You may not. What you should know is that his music is very beautiful.

The title track from the EP, 'Evertina', is a series of refrains, played phrases that begin as tidy lullabies, neat and parcelled in small boxes, slipping through a volta into dramatic resonances, a sweep-mash of soul-rousing sounds, harmonies rich and vibrating through the air; this is the sound of snow on cheeks, eating your mum's homemade soup after returning home for the first time in a while, a winter sunset when the day has been sweet but too short, it is love with pain, sadness in comfort.

"The piano for me has so many different faces, so many personalities and wonders, it is like life itself, ever-changing yet always holding to a permanence of beauty," he explains, talking about his instrument of choice. "Like butterflies that never fly in a straight line but always carry their loveliness with them in their multi-angled paths."

The guy clearly loves what he's doing; it is easy to love the results of love.

Pre-order Evertina here, courtesy of Erased Tapes. Check out his international tour dates below.

  • Tour dates:
  • 12.11. TOKYO (JP) – Hakuju Hall
  • 20.11. LEUVEN (BE) – Stuk
  • 21.11. BRUSSELS (BE) – Paleizen
  • 23.11. LEIPZIG (DE) – Schauspiel (Baustelle)
  • 27.11. LONDON (UK) – Royal Albert Hall (Elgar Room)
  • 28.11. LONDON (UK) – The English-Speaking Union (Erased Tapes Music Masterclass)
  • 29.11. BRISTOL (UK) – The Latern
  • 30.11. TILBURG (NL) – Concertzaal Tilburg
  • 03.12. RIO DE JANEIRO (BR) – Nova Frequencias
  • 23.01. COLOGNE (DE) – Ambientfestival (Sankt Aposteln)
  • 30.01. VIENNA (AT) – Stadtsaal
  • 31.01. INNSBRUCK (AT) – Treibhaus