Here's Lucki Eck$ with a new track called 'Stevie Wonder'. Why is it called Stevie Wonder? I don't know. Maybe you'll know. Anyway, it also features a supporting role from Chance The Rapper, who is also on producing duty with his band The Social Experiment, as well as Young Chop and Plu2o Nash.

It's a seemingly endless veil of sidechained synth waves that ripple with understated narcotic intensity, a slow rocking-back-and-forth beat bumping with kicks and a clacking snare that reverbs into the far-far-off distance. The words "I can't see a thing" (perhaps the reasoning behind the title) resurface as a dreamed-of refrain, the whole track a kind of mental thought bubble that sets you adrift in daydreaming, a kind of miasmic blurt of hazy psychedelia in hip hop form.

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