Lucy Dacus is peppering 2019 with songs to mark special days, which will be collected into an EP at the end of it. So far they've marked traditional days like Valentine's Day, Mothers' Day and Independence Day, but the latest is to mark September 23rd, aka Bruce Springsteen's birthday. Dacus says:

“Happy birthday to Bruce, but also happy birthday to my dad, the biggest Bruce fan I know and the reason I've listened to The Boss since birth. I resisted it when I was younger as a rebellion to my dad's taste, but I have come to love his music on my own time. His lyricism is embedded in my own songwriting inextricably at this point.”

Her way of marking the occasion is to cover Bruce's classic 'Dancing In The Dark', putting her own ruffled and guitar-led spin on it. Check it out below.

Dacus will complete her 2019 EP with songs to mark Halloween, Christmas and New Year, so look out for those in due course. She's also touring through North America and Mexico over the coming months, check her website for info on those.