Lucy Dacus is staying active throughout 2019 by releasing new tracks to mark important days on the calendar. At the end of the year they'll be wrapped up in a neat little EP called 2019. So far we've heard a cover of 'La Vie En Rose' for Valentine's Day and 'My Mother & I' for Mother's Day; today she shares 'Forever Half Mast' just in advance of Independence Day on July 4th. On the topic of the song, Dacus says:

“There is a daily dissonance one endures as an American wherein much of our joy is counterweighted by shame, where much of our pride lives in tandem with injustice and suffering. 'Forever Half Mast' is about confronting this unavoidable culpability as an American citizen and consumer. Instead of allowing this guilt to paralyze us, we should try to let it influence us in positive ways.”

Dacus' political dissatisfaction was in evidence on last year's Historian, but whereas there she sounded almost defeated, on 'Forever Half Mast' she stands resolute, looking to the future with determination. 'Forever Half Mast' is a mid-tempo rocker, allowing Dacus' clean and rich voice to convey her thoughts clearly, backed by golden threads of pedal steel reflecting her conviction. Towards the end the track combusts into a fiery mesh of guitars, putting a final seal on Dacus' message with emphasis.

We look forward greatly for the next song to be shared in Dacus' 2019 project. Revisit our discussion with her about her 2018 album Historian.