It's only 20 January and I'm pretty much seriously over cold, wintery weather. It's about this time of the year I either blast synth-pop until my ears bleed dreaming of beaches and the Pacific, or I turn towards the darker realm of music which is where songs like the latest from Lucy Mason, 'All You Want', come in handy. Backed by a beautiful string arrangement, her haunting and stunning voice shines through the darkness like a light at the end of the tunnel.

In a statement, she said the song is "about a moment in time where I became determined", adding that "this song gives me confidence, gives me power. I wanted to play with a darker sound, I wanted the music to reflect my emotion and satisfaction, something with a bite and I feel this is the true expression of who I am currently as an artist." Fans of Banks will fall in love with 'All You Want', and you can stream it below.

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