Lucy Rose has unveiled the visuals for 'Second Chance', another brilliant track from her latest album, Something's Changing. The clip was directed by Joe Connor, and it stars Olympic medallist Elinor Barker as the protagonist of an old lady's flashback to the times she was a professional cyclist.

"'Second Chance' was inspired by a conversation I had with my husband’s great aunt on New Year's Eve," Lucy Rose explains. "She was looking at an old photo of herself and said "Look how lovely I was! It's funny that I could only think that now of myself as an old lady. Looking back but at the time, I would never have thought that". It really struck a chord with me as I can definitely relate to that. So, I decided from that point onwards that I wanted to use her hindsight and learn from it and see myself differently. Love myself for who I am and not wish to be anything different."

Check it out below; Lucy Rose's Worldwide Cinema Tour kicks off this September.