Having moved to Norway aged 9, Lucy Swann this week returns to the UK as a flagship act to represent Oslo based festival Øya , who have packaged her and Team Me (a band who I have professed my love for at least a thousand times in the last week) together and sent them to England to let those not in the know, get a flavour of exactly how immense the Norwegian music scene is right now. Having long maintained that you can tell far more about a person from their record collection than anything else, we decided to grill Ms Swann about the kind of records that have shaped her musical life thus far and have her put together something of a musical family tree. Without further ado then we introduce Lucy Swann! NB The 405 accepts no responsibility or liability for use of the words Phil and Collins in this article.   The record that most reminds me of growing up is: No Jacket Required, Phil Collins. My mother was a big fan of Phil Collins when I was growing up, before he turned a bit naff and sanctimonious. I still only know the lyrics to these songs by the ears of a 5 year old.   The artist that made me want to be a musician is: Aretha Franklin. She was my "imitation-project" from the age of 13. All her oldies mind you, not so much of the 80's stuff. Though I'm not sure I ever actually decided to become a singer. I've just always sung, so twas more of a decision to put all my eggs in one basket and turn it into a career.   The first song that I ever wrote was called: "There's a worm at the bottom of my garden" and "Jimanian Kangaroo" Smash Hits of '87 The song I wish I could never hear again is: 'Lemon Tree', by Fool's Garden makes me want to hit things. I've never told anyone this but my musical guilty pleasure is: (I realize the question didn't imply "musical" to mean the genre "musical", but just so happens my most secret guilty pleasures are these two musicals.) It has to be the soundtrack to Dreamgirls. I'm a sucker for 'And I am telling you, I'm not going', especially Jennifer Holliday's version at the Tony Awards in '82. Love it when she sings straight into her co-stars ears in that performance. That's gotta hurt. Another guilty pleasure of mine is Les Misérables. The deepest note on 'The Confrontation' gives me the shivers. Melodramatic, pompous and perfect. A true guilty pleasure.   The record to get me through a hungover sunday morning is: No record, just DVDs. I need visuals the morning after, 'cause my imagination needs to be fed through all senses to stop it from delving too far into angst-ridden memories of the previous evening. Wow, that sounded dark. The last record to make me cry was: Merriweather Post Pavillion. The sentence "Are you also frightened" in repeat and a glass of red wine is the perfect combination for some proper maudlin alone time.   The record I reach for first, come Friday evening getting ready to go out, is always: Animal Collectives' Merriweather Post Pavillion. I love that album so much it hurts. So intuitive, yet engaging and catchy. Perhaps that's not a contradiction in terms as such, but so few artists manage to make that combination work. This album makes me happy and serene. A perfect boost before going out. Should I ever find myself working for NASA and sending music into space for possible alien listeners, the first record I would send would be: Here come the Warm Jets, by Brian Eno. I have a feeling that record would speak to them. Plus we wouldn't immediately come across as the cynical, stuck-up and frightened race we often are. A good first impression me thinks.   If my life were a film, the closing credits would be set to the sound of: Oooh, I have a tendency to take these kind of questions far too seriously, so will spare myself and jot down the first alternatives that came to mind: 'Gut Feeling', by Devo, 'Dead Finks Don't Talk', by Brian Eno, 'There is a light that never goes out' by The Smiths or '(I Don't Know What's Going) On' by The Cure. Brilliant songs that all set the mood to "inconclusive". No happy endings please, it just doesn't work that way.
Lucy Swann (and Team Me) Plays XOYO in London Feb 24th and KoKo Feb 25th. You are hereby urged to make sure you are there.