How much of life is predetermined? Human beings all have an intuitive sense of morality, as LUI HILL details on his song 'Ancient Dust', but free will makes doing the right thing feel like a choice. A better question might then be, how often does the bad side of human nature win out?

LUI HILL recently released a self-titled LP, buzzing with catchy synth lines and a command on percussion. Hill studied drums in school, though has been exposed to all different instruments and genres since childhood; he is also an avid painter and skateboarder. One of the more recent developments in his artistic repertoire was writing; seeing the world helped him to find his voice and inspired him to pen his debut album. His single '5000 Miles' features a succinct take on the cleansing experience of travelling.

'Ancient Dust' is also introspective, though it embraces the history of humankind. Morality refers to a set of principles that are accepted by society as a whole, but as Hill implies, our individual decisions are what really influence our way of life. Acknowledging that we are “made of dust belonging to the ancient times” is only a sad realization that we may just be “too bad inside to do the good things right.” Whether good or evil wins, to dust we shall all return.

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