Luke Abbott has announced he'll be releasing a new album this summer. Wysing Forest succeeds to his first full-length offering (2010's Holkham Drones) and his two EPs for NOTOWN (Object is Navigator and Modern Driveway). Wysing Forest is due out on June 23rd via Border Community.

The record is named after the Wysing Arts Centre in Cambridgeshire where, over a six week period in 2012, Luke recorded what would later become the album. "The record is mostly made up of live recordings," he explains. "Some were recorded at a performance at Wysing in front of a very small audience and some were recorded in a temporary studio I had setup during my residency." He also talks about improvisation being central to the recording process: "A lot of what has ended up on the record was originally recorded as first-takes or sketches of ideas."

The 52-minute recording is divided in 9 tracks: "Structuring the album to work as a whole was quite a challenge, almost more of a challenge than making the music but I think I've ended up with something that has a kind of internal logic."

You can listen to one of the tracks, 'Amphis', below.

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