Who is LUKE BONDS? Well, I don't really know, and neither do you, so we're equal. He is purportedly from Barbados – and he's one of those double-threat producer-slash-rappers; whilst there's no rapping on this here little morsel we're sharing today, it showcases Mr Bonds' talent at building blissfully infallible beats.

'Wake Up, Henry' is a paradisiacal tapestry woven of filmic flourishes of string, groovesome bass, delectable sweeps of sunkissed mandolin, and, of course, samples: a female vocal croons liltingly, lovingly, and what sounds like a fight plays out hazy in the background.

This dreamy loop of instrumental hip-hop takes its title from a scene in Goodfellas, and perhaps represents the peaceful mind mid-slumber, before being awoken with a gun pointed at your face. It's happened to all of us.

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