Luke Wyland is the Portland, Oregan based musician perhaps best known for his work in the ever-interesting and under-appreciated band AU. Now that that group is seemingly on the backburner, he's turned his attention to his own solo work, which he's releasing under the moniker LWW. The first release he has lined up is an album called 3PE, due out on the Leaf Label on July 20th - but that's only one in a series he has planned.

Before we get ahead of ourselves though, LWW has presented the 10-minute opening track of 3PE, 'CTP'. LWW has said that most of his new material is fully improvised takes, but 'CTP' "is the only improvisation that I’ve dissected and evolved into a more maximalist composition."

"Maximalist" is certainly a great word for it, as the song starts its voyage on hulking slaps of synthesized organ, that shift ever so slowly and subtly like icebergs. From this starting point we embark on a sprawling mass of a song that works through various modes, styles and rhythms, but without ever losing its continuity or singular personality. From playful guitars to sinister incantations, and plenty of sounds that words would not do justice to, 'CTP' is definitely worth investing some time in.

3PE comes out on July 20th and you can pre-order it here.