LUMP the collaboration between Laura Marling and Mike Lindsay of Tunng, has been one of the more curious but persisting albums of the year. Although relatively short and released in June, we still find ourselves returning to the surrealist piece frequently. We're not the only ones on whom it's left an impression, multi-disciplinary musician and artist Beth Jeans Houghton has also been attracted by LUMP, and has created the video for their song 'May I See The Light'. She explains the process further:

"The video for “May I Be The Light” is hand animated, meaning each frame is hand drawn on tracing paper and then placed in a sequence. I was fortunate enough to see LUMP at one of their live shows a while back and was blown away, so to be able to animate one of my favourite songs from their record was a delight. A feature of their live shows is Laura's silence between songs. An enigmatic soul flanked by two energetic guitar players. I wanted to capture the ethereal quality of her presence through animation.”

Take the strange and dreamy escape into the video for LUMP's 'May I See The Light' below.

LUMP will make a return to London's The Garage tomorrow night, which is sold out - but you might be able to find some spare tickets if you look hard enough.