The work of LA-based electronic pop up-and-comer Luna Shadows walks that razor-thin tightrope between modern and vintage. She melds the best electropop has the offer with timeless melodies that wouldn't be out of place in an 80's pop number, making spectacular pop numbers on the level of Carly Rae Jepsen (a comparison the singer has received before). Luna Shadows' latest single, 'Youth,' continues the trend with a track is as epic as it is poignant.

The title track from her upcoming EP, 'Youth' is a revelation. Teeming with enormous synthscapes and propelled by Luna Shadows' dreamy, ethereal voice, 'Youth' is the kind of emotive pop track that begs to be listened to again and again.

For Luna Shadows herself, the song carries a tremendous amount of emotional weight.

"'Youth' is a song about our 'remembering selves,'" says Luna Shadows. "I look back on certain people and places that I loved more than they loved me with a sense of profound regret. The weight of lost time and depression-filled years casts a dark blue hue over memories that once were so convincingly colorful. Yet somehow in the present moment, I am able to justify days spent in bed with the idea that love is not something that ever truly results in waste, and is in fact always a worthwhile endeavor despite the outcome. My past and present selves never see eye to eye on this.

The refrain of this song wants desperately to be a statement of anthemic affirmation," she continues. "But to me, its secret is that it only ever amounts to an unanswered question or a heartfelt plea, at best."

Stream 'Youth' below and pre-order the EP here on limited edition swimming pool blue vinyl. You can also view the EP release show dates further down the page.