British electronic band, Lunacre are on an animated road trip from hell on their video for new dark and atmospheric single 'Shit Picasso,' which directly realizes the lyrics for the experimental electronic song. While on their way to Capital City, the five piece band, comprised of Ben de Vries, Ben Goodall, Jacob Harrison, JP Thwaites and Sam Johnstone, hit a few road blocks and find themselves somewhere between Pleasantville and the Evil Woods. While on a journey towards learning about peace, the inevitability that life will have ups and downs makes itself clear. The good news is that things are to be continued.

"The music video is cartoon adventure, about the five of us going on a journey and having a load of unfortunate things happen to us along the way. The story was written by trying to cram as many cartoon/movie tropes into 5 minutes as we could. The video expresses the original themes of the verses in quite an abstract way; it's essentially a crudely animated Lunacre fable," vocalist Ben says.