Every Tuesday at 12pm (GMT) we aim to bring you a full-length concert to watch during your lunch break. Sort of like Orange Wednesdays, but not at all.

Despite only releasing a couple of studio albums and a pair of EPs, it's fair to say that Neutral Milk Hotel had a pretty strong influence on many bands you probably love and cherish. However, you probably never saw them live.

Yes Jeff Mangum was the driving force behind the band, and as a solo artist he's been a bit more active over the past few years (he recently announced new tour dates for Jan/Feb 2013 too) but watching Neutral Milk Hotel in their prime is unfortunately a long distant dream.

We can't offer you a personalised solo performance of NMH songs, or a time machine with a one-way ticket to the early 90s, but what we can offer you is their performance at The Knitting Factory, NY from March 1998.

Unpack your ham sandwich, take a bite and enjoy this concert: