No really, this actually happened. During his recent Salt Lake City show, Lupe Fiasco was hit with a tomato by a disgruntled audience member. The rapper was halfway through 'Kick Push' when all of a sudden the red vegetab--fruit was thrown at him.

"I'm gonna finish the show, but if there's more people like that I need them the f**k out of here," Lupe promptly exclaimed. "I know what she looks like – fat, white b***h. Find her."

After demanding the balcony area be evacuated (from which the tomato was thrown), and the fans saying they wouldn't leave, he stormed off the stage. A few minutes later the venue's management announced that the show was over.

Fiasco doesn't seem to be very lucky with this get-things-thrown-at-him situation; back in April he stopped his show at University of Cincinnati after being hit by a glow stick.

You can check out the incident below. [via FACT]