I'm really liking the squiffy vibe of this Lupe Fiasco track, the lazy head-lolling gloss of bass with the slow-stomping beat, the general wonky haze of the track, a kind of dank wintry magic being worked in slow-motion with miniscule glistenings in the form of glockenspiel ice plinks floating through the narcotic vibe – there's an added jazz edge, too, with sultry midnight sax recurring like a long-lost memory throughout. All this production comes from DJ Dahi.

The title, 'Adoration of the Magi' is quite apt because today it is Twelfth Night, i.e. 12th day of Christmas, and tomorrow it is a holiday called Epiphany, which is when the Magi – more popularly known as the three wise men – went to see lil' baby Jesus. Specifically, Adoration of the Magi is a name given to one of the scenes of the Nativity in art, the famous one you'll see in all different styles from all different ages of the three wise men sitting around the crib (haha) offering up their gifts and generally showing their adoration of Christ. Religious lesson over.

Listen to the track below. Lupe Fiaso sounds particularly fine, I feel that Crystal Torres lets it down a little – it'd be better without his so-called "hook", and shorter too, making the song more concise. I mean, just listen to the rhymes from the 3:20 mark, Lupe sounds as fresh as ever.