Lust For Youth have revealed plans to release their first album in 3 years; it's self-titled and comes out through their long time label home of Sacred Bones on June 7th. LFY is now functioning as a duo of Hannes Norrvide and Malthe Fischer, but are still pumping out the synth-pop hits as evidenced by new song 'Great Concerns'.

Whereas last album Compassion saw them moving by turns through social over-exertion and heavy come downs, 'Great Concerns' seems to suggest a slightly brighter approach this time around, even though the subject matter is still serious. The track audibly bounces in step with the duo's swagger, illuminating their pitiless thoughts as they lead to the admission "it hurts my eyes to see you walking by yourself," which then becomes an expansive free-floating moment of thought in the captivating chorus.

Lust For Youth is coming out through Sacred Bones on June 7th.