Fraternal duo Lusts recently returned with the song 'Heavy Thoughts', their first new release since their debut album, promising more to follow soon. Today we bring you the second slice of new material from the Leicester duo in the form of 'Ten Years'.

'Ten Years' sees Lusts embracing big and booming throwback pop sounds, coupled with pastel coloured guitars and a universally relatable, sing-along chorus. On the one hand, it's something you could imagine owning the airwaves around the late 80s or early 90s, but on the other it's self-produced with a modern sheen - and a very 21st century topic. Although the song sounds bright and buoyant, it finds Lusts in neurotic mood, questioning themselves repeatedly in the chorus: "where will I be in ten years?/ will I be lying to myself?" Further exploration into the verses reveals even darker thoughts, but when that swinging chorus takes off again, you feel a catharsis in their unburdening themselves of these concerns by singing them out loud and proud. You can't help but connect with these simply expressed but substantial human concerns; it creates a tangible moment of correlation between the artist and the people listening, making 'Ten Years' a loveable indie hit.

Lusts say that "‘Ten Years’ is a song that challenges us. It’s about artificial intelligence, it’s about romance, nostalgia, disappointment, gender, and memories. It’s a collision of thoughts that ask us who we are, what we’ll be, as well as reflecting on what we’re not. Part of the song was written by generative A.I. and we wrote the rest. Who contributed more is still open to debate."

Listen to 'Ten Years' below.

'Ten Years' appears on Lusts' new EP Heavy Thoughts. They'll be playing the following live dates:

10th - The Louisiana, Bristol
12 th - Sebright Arms, London
13 th - The Cookie, Leicester
14 th - Night & Day, Manchester
16th - Hare & Hounds II - Birmingham
18th - Prince Albert, Brighton