Having released their fantastic third album Return To Love in 2016, it has today been announced that LVL UP will be sadly disbanding after a final tour of the States. The band has shared a beautiful new track called 'Orchard', recorded earlier this year, as a farewell. The band's statement on the decision is as follows:

“We have decided to retire this project. It has been an extremely rewarding journey beyond anything we could have ever realistically imagined. The band began in a college dorm room in 2011 as a lighthearted recording project. We have since been lucky enough to tour nationally and internationally over the last seven years with the support of many lovely people, and will never be able to thank our friends, families, and loved ones enough for providing such warmth throughout this experience. Our deepest gratitude goes out to every label, band, and person who's played a role in this wild ride.

“Here is our last single, “Orchard,” which we recorded early this year. As always, thank you to our eternal friend and fifth member Mike Ditrio for helping us with this and every other recording process we’ve had.

“Everyone in the band will continue to support each other while we release new material through different outlets.

“LVL UP will be performing live for a final stretch of time this coming fall.

“Thank you for everything, *_* Dave, Greg, Mike, Nick *_*”

Listen to 'Orchard' below.