For many, ‘Little Bit’ was their first taste of Lykke Li, when she originally released the single last year. Since then, she’s put out her debut album, ‘Youth Novels’, and a handful of other singles. And now, she’s gone full circle back to the place where it all started for her in the UK.

Whatever your opinion of re-releases, you can’t deny that this one deserves to be heard by as wide an audience as possible, with Li purring lustfully over a delicately sparse accompaniment of drum machines and metronomes. At times, her Scandinavian inflection trembles with vulnerability as she expresses her feelings and desires, how far she would go for the person who forms the subject of the song. It’s this that makes ‘Little Bit’ so perfect; the combination of audible vulnerability and intelligent composition. The calm, hushed arrangement allows the emotion in Li’s voice to shine through, complimenting the message she’s trying to convey much better than if a full band were fighting for attention in the background.