Meltdown Festival takes place at London's Southbank Centre every year and this summer, it runs from June 9-18. Every year, someone different from the arts and culture community curates the event. Previously, artists like David Bowie, Patti Smith, Yoko Ono and Morrissey have taken on the job. But this year, M.I.A has claimed the position.

"For me this Meltdown will be about putting on a musical week that shows different types of music which have inspired each other to exist," she said in a statement. "Genres that support other genres, redefining the concept of a melting pot. Respect the history, don’t live in it. I plan to bring together music’s best forward thinkers who have contributed to all our lives. When music acts as inspiration, it’s boundary-less."

This should be interesting. Find more information on the festival here.