On Friday 8th May, M.I.A tweeted this:

The demo in question was for a new track called 'Platforms'. She then shared it:

But it's since been removed. You can however enjoy a fan-uploaded stream via YouTube, however – 'Platforms' is a gloomy 'n' glistening trap-flavoured outing, featuring dusty organic percussion and a stand-out passing reference to emoji. M.I.A also shared a live rendition on Instagram, which you'll find below this.

It's the first we've heard from her since she dropped 'Can See Can Do' in March, which is whereabouts she also made an obscene gesture at the Super Bowl. Previous to that, in October last year, M.I.A was climbing or at least hanging out at Mt. Everest. There's no word yet on a follow-up to her 2013 album, Matangi.

🚉Platforms! here's a 🚊of thought !

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