Last week, M.I.A. unveiled a brand new track called 'Borders', detailing the plight of refugees and their respective arduous journeys from various places embroiled with war, lack of opportunity, and persecution. Now the song has got itself a video, showing M.I.A. in scenes with refugees in boats, climbing over fences, and at one point making a human-pyramid-style boat on a beach.

Actually, it's rather important that this song and video combo being released within the past week, since many people across Europe and Northern America (and doubtless elsewhere) were quick to blame the Paris attacks squarely on the flow of refugees into the EU, when it's simply not the case. I won't share it here, but one American on Twitter posted a horrifying picture of the interior of the Bataclan just after the attacks had taken place, blood and bodies everywhere, and captioned it with something like, "All those who tweeted #refugeeswelcome - this is on YOU."