French electro-pop outfit M83 have announced their next single (though billed as an EP) 'Reunion' will be released on 7th May, and comes packaged with a whopping six remixes. Naked and Famous, Mylo (listen below) and We Have Band are amongst the names drafted in to give the track a rework.

Incredibly this is only the second single to be taken from M83's hit album Hurry Up, We're Dreaming, and even more incredibly, babies will have been conceived and born in the between the two single releases! Not that that patience isn't one of Antony Gonzalez's virtues, after all, it took the M83 mastermind 10 years and 6 records to chart outside his native France.


  • 1. Original Version
  • 2. White Sea Mix
  • 3. The Naked and Famous Mix
  • 4. Polly Scattergood Mix
  • 5. Sei A Mix
  • 6. Mylo Mix
  • 7. We Have Band Mix