Nearly a month after announcing DSVII, the highly anticipated sequel to 2007’s Digital Shades Vol.1, M83 has given its fans an epic first taste from the new album. Clocking in just over seven minutes, ‘Temple of Sorrow’ sees Anthony Gonzalez fill each moment with the synthesized, awe-inspiring wonder that’s defined the M83 we’ve come to know and love with records like Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming and of course, DSVI.

Completely instrumental aside from the blissful chanting, ‘Temple of Sorrow’ cuts the early ‘80s pastiche of Junk, which had fans disappointed, and sees Gonzalez draw emotion from astral compositions. However, ‘Temple of Sorrow’ does not retreat completely into M83’s catharsis-driven past. In fact, it still possesses a playful naivete that was heavy-handed yet hard-to-hate with their last record.

The only real gripe to be had with M83’s latest track is the brief but jarring moment of silence at the halfway point that honestly does nothing for the climactic build-up to come. All this to say, it’s good to hear Gonzalez and his seminal project return to form, sounding arguably more inspired than ever before.

Pre-order M83’s DSVII, out on September 20th via Mute.