Unbelievably, it’s mid-May. The cold rain falls from a relentlessly grey and bleak sky. You left your bed hours ago but can’t wake up and your cats are with the vet having operations. What on earth is going to slap you into consciousness today?

It looks like, MØ is going to. ‘Waste of Time’ comes at you full of swagger and bad assery. Her beats are heavy, ripped and torn from glitchy R&B and pumped up with more than a dash of additional stomp and positive petulance. MØ (or Karen Marie Ørsted to her mum) purrs and snarls with a detached beauty and attitude, demonstrating very clearly all the hoots she gives to this particular Waste of Time. This is future pop music with the right amount of production shine, and the right amount of street smarts. Today we have beat matching edits in a cut and paste video, compiled from montages of old movie footage and spliced with MØ singing at us with a major set of headphones on. She could have written the song rolling around on her bed and it fits perfectly in to this artists rapidly expanding universe.

You can catch her at The Great Escape this weekend and festivals this summer, including Reading and Leeds. 'Waste of Time' is out on the 7th July.