Following fairly huge years for them both, Mac Miller and Pharrell are to resume work on their Pink Slime project.

Miller spoke to Rolling Stone: "We actually just talked a couple days ago, I'm going to go see him [in Miami] and we're going to finish it and put it out."

He continued: "The shit's ill and people want it. We both had pretty wild years. We gotta do it."

"The Pink Slime with Pharrell was the next move for awhile," Miller spoke at the time. "So I was going down there [to Miami, Florida]. We were working. I just realized it wasn't time to do that yet, the Pharrell project. Before I take my brand and mix it with Pharrell's, I want to solidify what my brand is first. So I want to do my album first."

And now that Miller's album, Watching Movies With the Sound Off, has been out for 6 months, it appears he's willing to open his arms up to Pharrell again.

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