BAM, there it is. Man this film is going to be awesome. You remember Grindhouse right? This was the trailer embedded in Deathproof! Anyway, to put my fever pitch excitment into some kind of perspective I called upon our trusted film writers to chime in with their thoughts... Dylan Spicer, of Film Talk fame, had this to say: "Well, it certainly looks like the original trailer! Hopefully with a cast this solid the script will match the trailer and make this a whole lot of fun. The worst crime this film could commit is to be boring, and from the looks of this that won't be the case." and Dennis Routledge-Tizzard, purveyor of the Art of Film Advertising series chimed in with this little gem: "Awww dude, I was totally going to cover this for my third advertising trailer. Game over man, it's game over! I'll give you a sentence anyway, because I'm nice like that: Put simply; this trailer is kick-ass. It's a great preview because it plays on expectation. We've all (hopefully) seen the 'fake' Machete trailer that sat between the two Grindhouse films, and this new one is very similar, yet has surprises waiting around every edit. Basically, they've done a brilliant job at combining the old footage with the new. Also, it's great to see De Niro and Seagal appearing in a film that's actually good for once. How's that for you?" Just fine thanks Dennis, just fine. " fucked with the wrong Mexican"