US four-piece machineheart have released an accompanying video to the ethereal single ‘Altar’, lifted from their debut album People Change. The hotly-tipped collective release their most cinematic visual to date, front-woman Stevie Scott simultaneously managing to channel Americana icons Lana Del Rey and Stevie Nicks. The track is a desperate hymnal to a higher being to become free from sorrow and despair. Its hopeless lyricism is offset by triumphant sounding brass and exquisite electronic components.

Speaking of the track, Stevie noted: “‘Altar’ started as a very rudimentary, guttural response to inward despair. There was so much commotion going on in the world and I didn't fully know how to process it. It was my birthday actually, so I remember it well. I started slapping on the guitar and sort of talk-singing through the verse. I'm so spongey when it comes to emotions and I just couldn't hold in the measure of sadness that day. I do think it ended up having hope and triumph in the end and that's very true to how I view the world. Even in deep tragedy, there is still beauty to be found.”

The debut album People Change is available now: