Following on from the news that historic Soho nightspot Madame Jojo's has had its licence revoked, it's now been revealed that apparently it will be demolished. Boooooo.

Previously, we thought it was being closed down due to "a serious incident of disorder outside" the venue. It seems that this might have just been some kind of scapegoat (conspiracy level: over 9000) in order to get it closed down within reason. With some rationale behind it other than, We're redeveloping the area so get out.

Yes, apparently it's being redeveloped, renovated, making way for the future. An article on The Guardian outlined the plans:

The design drawings of the 50,000 sq ft development, which illustrate how Soho Estates envisions the future of Brewer Street, include a complete renewal of the building that has been home to Madame Jojo's for 50 years. The club itself is not included at all in any of the drawings. Instead the plans say the site "currently occupied by Madame Jojo's, will undergo extensive demolition and remodelling, involving the levelling of the floor plane, adjustment of the layout and improvement to access."


Anyway, you can sign a petition on to stop this madness. It's already going strong(ish) with over 6,500 signatures. Add yours if you care about the history of this vibrant Soho street.