Several months ago, we were singing the praises of Maddie Ross and her then-unreleased EP, Making Out Is Easy. We promised "it could be one of the year's best under-the-radar releases." We were right. And Ross shows no signs of slowing down, as evidenced by her brand-new single 'You're Still My Sugar.'

Ross' established track record of writing certifiable ear worms continues here. A burst of L.A. sunshine takes the track through its first chorus before an explosion of fuzzy guitars and pumping drums provide a big time catharsis. "After we first talked, my tiny heart throbbed," sings Ross. "You were my savior."

Sung as an ode to Ross' longtime girlfriend, the track ends with a little shoutout to her. "My girlfriend and I met when we were 17, and that has been my lucky number my whole life!" says Ross. "It was fun to do an ode to that in the outro of this song, where I sing 'Ohm I have loved you at every in between, yes we owe it all to my lucky 17.' "

Capturing the nuances and pure emotions of raw romance is a very tricky thing to distill down to a three minute song, but Ross does so with unmatched ease and joy. Everyone knows what it is like to find that one person who doesn't suck quite as much as the rest, but few can express it with quite as much skill as Ross.

"I used to wonder how I would write songs once I was happy and in love, but it turns out the angst inside of me lives on," says Ross. "This is about feeling like everyone around you is fake and braindead, except for that one person who makes your heart skip and keeps you in bed all day kissing."

Stream 'You're Still My Sugar' from the indomitable Maddie Ross below, and check out her upcoming show dates while you are at it.

04-March-17 - Los Angeles, CA - Women Fuck Shit Up Fest @ The Smell (6:00 p.m.)
08-March-17 - Los Angeles, CA - Femme Fest @ Cafe NELA (10:00 p.m.)