Magic City Hippies, a Miami-based funk group with a self-described dusting of hip-hop, has dropped a new, sensual track, 'Body Like A Weapon,' that will propel everyone to the dance floor, and push lovers extra close.

A count-in and a clap of the drum is all that precedes the funk-infused dance bonanza that is 'Body Like A Weapon.' Some Niles Rodgers-esque guitars, rich synths, and, above all, a thick, syrupy bassline make the track an absolute auditory treat. Listening to it, one can almost feel the hot, humid air of a late night Miami party.

According to the group, dabbling with a variety of genres is what resulted in the song's rich, lusty sound.

"This track is maybe the side effect of having a few analog synths lying around for the first time," explains drummer Pat Howard. "Those sounds inspired this kind of ‘cocaine 80s’ vibe, which is always a fun Miami cliche to play off of, but I think this one got pulled in a few cool new directions for us."

"There’s definitely quite an array of sounds and aesthetics, for what it’s worth," adds Robby Hunter. "There are smooth Marvin Gaye-style 808s, but then there's also the trunk-shaking trap 808s later on. Chorused-out Frusciante funk guitars become Tom Morello-style beeps and boops. We even got to throw in the infamous Dean Scream at one point."

You can stream 'Body Like A Weapon' from Magic City Hippies above, and check out the band's upcoming festival appearances down below.

  • 21 June - Electric Forest; Rothbury, MI
  • 28 June - Electric Forest; Rothbury, MI
  • 1 July - Sunset Sessions in Piedmont Park; Atlanta, GA
  • 12 October - Austin City Limits Music Festival; Austin, TX