Magic Island is the solo project of Canadian-born, Berlin-based musician Emma Czerny. Magic Island crafts lo-fi, electronic based dream pop, but her songs are more than mere bedroom compositions. Her songs run the gambit of hazy slow burners to full on anthems. Magic Island has already released two EPs and will be releasing her first full-length, Like Water, in February 2017.

And the 405 is here with the track premiere of ‘Alchemy’ from that forthcoming LP. While sonically 'Alchemy' will swaddle you like your favorite blanket, that blanket has holes that reminds you of the bitter cold outside. The minimalist beats and bass are met with Magic Island’s cutting falsetto. When she pleads to never let her go, because “if you let me go/ I will lose my power”, you can feel the words searing your heart.

"Alchemy is about feelings of desperation and confusion as though you are under a spell," explains Emma. "Drinking in hopes of release but becoming a monster. Sacrificing yourself. The song is haunting, a dream rap lullaby."

And these words couldn’t be truer. While there is a wooziness to the track that puts you in a trance, left to confront those feelings you try so desperately to bury while going about your day at the office. So, during your break today, take that time to listen to the premiere Magic Island’s new track, ‘Alchemy’. Go to your secret hideout and get lost in the ethereal realm where we all store our true selves.