Ouch! My heart! It's being touched by Majid Jordan. Not in a creepy way, don't worry – in a normal (?) kinda way. How, you ask? By making music that not only physically vibrates the chest, but that also contains enough in the way of desirable elements that it just, y'know, GETS to you. And you get IT. 'A Place Like This' is the latest from the Toronto trackmaker-singer and, yeah, it's lovely - lonely, expansive, soulful.

Instructions: Take the glossy, plasma tunnels of sub-bass (set to "tremble"), then add some digitised, greyscale fizz, alongside some minimal beats that feature gloriously insectoid hi-hats and smartly trimmed snares, and decorate this with some cosmic synth noises, top it off with Majid Jordan's own richly lamenting voice, and you have yourself a veritable and impressive tune; serve with night-time drives, smoking sessions, or romantic situations.

This is available to purchase now via Drizzy Drake et al.'s label, OVO Sound.