The UK has witnessed some pretty great events this summer, but often the true stars go unnoticed. This is why we feel It's important to celebrate the people that make such a huge event take place, and that ethos is something Red Stripe are trying to replicate as a project with the artist Pennie Smith, photographing the 'Makers' of the Notting Hill Carnival.

To achieve this, Red Stripe have teamed up with the incredible Pennie Smith who will be shooting portraits with Mick Johnson (Police Commander at the Carnival since 1980), Louise Forster (London School of Samba - helping since 2009), Adrian Luckie (owner of the famous 'Mama's Jerk Chicken Station' at the Carnival since 1993), Bert Clement (TFL Station Supervisor at the Carnival since 1993), Phil Legg (Open House / Futureproof Sound System - helping since 2003), Lionel McCalman (Nostalgia Steel Band Leader - helping since 1988), Rosaria Gracia (Dancer/Chereographer - helping since 2000) and the legendary Norman Jay MBE (DJ at the Carnival since 1982).

We've managed to get a bunch of teaser photos for you all to check out too. Have a look below.

Notting Hill Carnival Bert Clement

Notting Hill Carnival Lionel McCalman

Notting Hill Carnival Mick Johnson

Notting Hill Carnival Norman Jay MBE

We're really excited to attend the Carnival this year (Sunday 26 & Monday 27 August 2012) and to see the full profiles from Pennie Smith.