The Artch is a relatively new artistic space, used as a gallery and a venue, and, ramshackle as it is, there holds a tremendous deal of charm, kitsch and vibrancy. The whole thing is nestled under a railway arch in Bethnal Green, with an atmosphere of a sudden pop-up establishment, thanks to the bare, brick walls and temporary bar consisting of a box of icy water and a variety of bottles.

Two support acts placated a heaving, hefty crowd; Weird Dreams are a trio who weave a psychedelic sort of indie rock, with hints of this so-called-chillwave purely in the atmosphere they generate and the sense of smog generated in their driving melodies and muttered vocals. Mazes are a band who like to play through a fog of noise and wall of volume, screeching in the most serene style through a supercharged set-list of passive-aggressive peculiarity.

Male Bonding shuffled on stage, after shuffling around the venue, towered over by an inflatable snowman adorning a speaker stack, teetering perilously close to an excitable audience. This is my second sight of the trio in as many weeks and each time I see them, a rush of blood to the heart and head takes hold and surges the body forth and back, in lunges of spatial spasms designed and designated to the whims of the spindling notes ripping through throngs of sweaty shakers. Male Bonding feel intimate but intimidating, throwing their weight (or what little weight the skinny rockers have) around to the music, forcing feedback through hastily stacked amps directly into the face of the huddled, close-knit crowd. The crowd eventually swept away Mr Frosty, crushing him in a game of catch to the staggering mumble metal stumbling through the room. Fan favourites such as 'Franklin' and the carefully chaotic 'Nothing Remains' grumble with an attitude that riles a crowd into movement that isn't quite moshing; moreso a jumbled up grunge pit of force.

The roughly strewn brick decor provide the apt casing for this shell of sonic ammunition, entombing all inside alongside the realms of surging noise rock emanating from the minds, mouths and instruments of three groups, all with a vociferous desire for vast volume.