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Malka Spigel is an accomplished photographer and videographer as well as musician, she even has a Fine Art degree for good measure. Her work is a layered experience. Across her career she has encouraged her audience to listen, visualise and contemplate. Alongside her husband, Colin Newman (of Wire and Githead) she created an art installation entitled Immersion. It was part of "The Event Horizon" which ran at the Irish Museum of Modern Art in 1996. Twenty-odd years on, it seems the ideal place to start to take a look at her latest EP Gliding.

The art exhibit used dissonantly placed speakers playing 'sounds' in offset loops. The desired effect was to disrupt the idea of linear space and time. The disorientating soundscape was "working against narrative" - it could never be heard the same way twice. This level of detail is necessary to keep in mind, with Spigel, it's never just 'music'.

This four-track release features 'Tall Grey Buildings' which must be viewed at least once with the saturated and symmetrical music video that accompanies it. Malka (or Maya Newman as she is sometimes known) seems fascinated with perspective. Her 2012 album Everyday is Like The First Day contained titles such as 'See It Sideways' and 'Two Dimensions In A Single Frame'. Here in 2014 her attention is drawn in particular to the space created by looking upwards at, well, tall grey buildings. London's 'Gherkin' is even picked out in the video, if not in the lyrics. As she wonders if "she is still dreaming" as tall grey buildings seem to reach out and touch the sky. The refrain in turn, is a hazy blur of guitar and psychedelic vocals which loop dizzyingly. The swimming lyrical minimalism fits the musical sky-landscape beautifully as you spin and spin.

At twenty minutes long, the EP is more of an experience than a soundbyte. 'Strumgliding' for example glides and strums its way through a heady seven minutes. There is even a track in her native Hebrew if you were feeling intellectually unchallenged at this point (or are a fan of her debut Rosh Ballata album.)

Gliding is both intensely thought-provoking and hypnotically lethargic. If you like a mental workout to music or prefer something to revise, drive by, or fall asleep to - it fits the bill. It lacks some of the catchy-pop melodies that Spigel is capable of, notably 'Every Day Is Like The First Day' on her previous album of the same name. Gliding therefore is a testament to an artist's pursuit of her creative vision and personal exploration.

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