Label: Unsigned Release date: 20/06/10 Link: Myspace Man Is Slapped is a one man project consisting of a man (“Papa Berls” if you consult Myspace) and a laptop. This is real bedroom stuff, much like James Yuill’s style. It’s scatty, all over the place and carries a marbling of real talent and a certain charm. The EP is four songs long and they sound more like a set of jams than a carefully selected EP, a bit here and there and not really growing into much that you’d listen to again. Having said that, it’s not to say that there’s nothing there – as mentioned, there is a quintessential charm to it all, a laid back sort of chilled feel to it and one that feels nice. For example, the track ‘Just Want to Party’ is a LCD Soundsystem track if someone was given the lyrics and told to write the antithesis of what the words mean. It’s charming, but is doesn’t go anywhere and the lyrics start to grate and the 90’s sounds start to grind and it gets difficult. There is a real talent in here, the beats in ‘Student Activism’ and ‘Travel Like A Spy’ are fantastic but it never lifts into something that can carry those beats. Given a bit of refinement and time, Man Is Slapped could mature into a really good electronica act (the talent is there). One to watch out for. Photobucket