Man Without Country released their second full-length album, Maximum Entropy, earlier this year and, if we're being honest here, Ryan James and Tomas Greenhalf were always going to struggle to outdo their compelling cover of The Beloved's 'Sweet Harmony' and the recent poptastic collaboration with White Sea, 'Laws of Motion'. But, with the latest single from the record, the pair go down a slightly different route, opting for the slow-build, atmospheric 'Romanek' - one of the longer, more euphoric cuts on the disc.

Around the halfway point, at 03:34, 'Romanek' leaves its reserve and good manners behind and flares up into a bit of a sweeping stomper. We were hoping the song's title was inspired by film-director, Mark Romanek, and - getting carried away with the notion that it was - we imagined just how incredible a Mark Romanek video for this track could be: sort-of mix between what he'd done with Madonna's 'Bedtime Story' and Michael & Janet Jackson's 'Scream', perhaps. Anyway, Man Without Country have just confirmed that the title is very loosely based on Stan Romanek, who famously (but falsely) claimed to have been abducted by aliens. Oh well.

The single, which is out today, is backed with Man Without Country's cover version of Röyksopp's recent single 'Sordid Affair', which is all very befitting, as Ryan James did vocals on the original track from the Norwegians' The Inevitable End. You can hear the new version here and have a listen to 'Romanek' in all its 6 minute glory below.

'Romanek' is out now on Lost Balloon.