Sade - 'Nothing Can Come Between Us'

The singer Sade, she's so agreeable to watch. She's so light and the music so relaxing, everything gets chill around you when listening to her. I can recall every moment I've played Sade and it's always smooth, walking around Artipelag in Stockholm with a girlfriend or getting stoned in Bologna flat with my g's and Italian girls.

Every song from Stronger Than Pride sounds sweet and reflects to me a mindset of peace and love. I think everyone should listen to some Sade just to relax and kinda heal their anger and frustration. It's deep but I really feel like the band's music could be used for rituals, like native ones.

Oko Ebombo - '19 - Naked Life'

I feel like this song is timeless. His character is so beautiful, I think I pay a lot of attention to what the artists express physically, from Sade to Oko, Theophilus, Lil Wayne or Tei Shi, they all have charisma and certain ways to present themselves. 'Naked Life' is sweating authenticity, the real life he's living and things he's been through I can relate to. The song is always grooving, I don't have a feeling that it's starting or ending, it just keeps going and going and resonating. I love the 'IRO' video, the colors, his acting, the people, his words. This is powerful and emotional. His blue suits fits so good with pink and purple flowers, I guess they're sakura. Really appreciate him and his art cause I feel like it doesn't belong to a genre of music or a type of listener, it's just worldwide music that can be understood by everybody. I wish I can meet him someday and just have time together.

Tei Shi - 'Bassically' (Body Language Remix)

Her voice is as sweet as strong. I loved the original one but I prefer this remix cause I find it more dynamic, especially at the end when she starts screaming. I used to only listen to some of her songs on the Internet then my brother Jeune Faune told me that she was doing a show in Paris around May 2015 at Le Pop Up du Label, so we took our tickets and went to it. It was really good, she has this thing that makes you vibrate while she's performing, we were into it and dancing to all of her songs even if I only knew few of them. When it comes to her style and appearance, she's gorgeous. Looks a bit shy or something and that makes her charming. I just wish I could have the same haircut she had for the Crack Magazine article, colored in green mint and curly.

Theophilus London – 'Rio (Feat. Menahan Street Band)'

Theophilus been my biggest influence and like my favorite artist around 2011 and 2014, the mixtapes I Want You and Rose Island Vol.1 had a serious impact on my process to create and even on my lifestyle. He has this thing to be that cool nigga, enjoying life everywhere he is in the world, having a lot of women around him and always fresh, like good clothes, vintage caps, rings and nice shades. This song 'Rio', even today still touches me. You can feel how it was for him to be in Brazil, the vibes are simply good and natural. He's a crooner, handsome and shit, that's how I wanted to be seen (and still today) from the people around. The video is awesome, every shot, the one where he's playing with the band in the back and people sitting in sofas, smoking cigars and drinking, the ones with the pretty actress in his back and vice versa. All the details are important and well done. I wrote my first love song 'Adrian/OTL' a couple days after listening to 'Rio'/ I wanted to do my 'Rio Song'. That was actually the first song I was mostly singing on. I can tell y'all we have some plans coming about this song with my brother Jeune Faune.

Lil Wayne - 'Bring It Back (Feat. Mannie Fresh)'

This is the G part in my favorite songs. I fell into south music when I was like 11 or 12, when I started to listen to my own music, not my brother's rap, my mother's jazz and soul, or my father's rock and Papa Wemba's albums. I really got into south music, from Wayne, Boosie, Hot Boyz in Louisiana to Lil Jon, Lil Scrappy in ATL, Memphis with 3-6 and Texas with Mike Jones, Lil Flip or Pimp C. I was loving it 'cause of the vibes, I just wanted to listen to music I can dance to, with good flows and easy lyrics to remember and sing along. Not conscious shit, we have enough serious shit to deal with in our lives so when it comes to music, it just has to be fun and free, no matter what you're saying in your songs, just don't drown my brain with deep politic shit - I won't listen to it. Talk to me about real hustles, real things you're really into, could be money, or travels; love and freedom; guns and drug dealing, I don't care it just has to sound real to me. Lil Wayne became my favorite rapper for a while. Tha Carter'' is for me the best rap album ever, straight up. If you throwback to 2004, it was amazing to have this album from a young rapper like him. And to be honest, I wasn't fully understanding it, I was too young but now I'm just like he was so hard, 'Go DJ', 'Hoes', 'Earthquake' and 'Bring It Back' are classics to me. Then if you're listening to Tha Carter II, you're just like "aight, he's the one, period." It was sounding so real to me and it still does. Take a listen to 'Hustler Musik' and you're gonna feel the real motivation of making it and getting this dough to get out of a sad reality. Wayne brought out so many new waves, the Bape and BBC shits, he owned his character so well and I believe we've all been inspired in some ways. To me he's the only one we can compare to Pac, the only two rap gods. LL' Weezy F.

Bonus: Tears For Fears - 'Pale Shelter'

Bonus: Juvenile (Feat. Soulja Slim) - 'Slow Motion'

Bonus: Lil Wayne - 'Hustler Musik' (Live)

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