With their new single 'Next Dance', released via New Zealand's A Label Called Success, Auckland DJ/production duo Manuel Darquart (Sean Whittaker and Louis Anderson-Rich) dress a Saturday night disco strut and collar-popping synths up in seaside sunset pads, glistening keyboard lines, and a languidly wistful vocal refrain, ultimately giving us a nostalgic groove that just keeps on giving.

Slow-burning but ultimately memorable, 'Next Dance' is as good a window as any into the sound Manuel Darquart began collectively developing in 2012. Since then, they've shared DJ billings with the likes of Andy Hart, Bicep, Tornado Wallace, Detroit Swindle and Space Dimension Controller, along the way introducing audiences to their take on disco, cosmic boogie, and euphoric house.

More recently however, Manuel Darquart have been carrying keyboards, drum machines, and instruments into clubs to perform as a live act, in the process bringing a whole new dimension to their sound. You can purchase 'Last Dance' on iTunes here.