Marc Baker is something of an enigma. The handsome, charismatic Aussie has a fondness for three-piece suits, saunters around the stage with bouquets of roses and will often launch into punk-style theatrics that end with him in a sweaty heap on the floor. And, on top of all that, he makes some really fucking good music. Case in point would be his new single, 'No Place I'd Rather Be,' an absolutely thrilling pop track that has all the makes of a serious Song Of The Summer candidate.

Produced by Benjamin Plant of synthpop group Miami Horror, the song seems to couple vintage with modern, nostalgia with innovation. Infused with a capital-R Romantic's touch, 'No Place I'd Rather Be' is quite simply three minutes and 46 seconds of pure euphoria. It is the kind of song that makes you think of that special someone and how you'd drop anything just to spend the night next to them. A higher compliment, I think, could not be paid.

But if this song, at the very least, doesn't make you want to drop everything and start dancing, you might just be dead. Baker, who is substantially more humble about this gem of a track, credits Plant with coaxing a lot out of him during the recording process.

"We recorded this in Australia in an empty, soon to be demolished home that we converted into a studio," said Baker. "Benjamin Plant and David Miller all worked on this with me. The song to me, like most of the things I write, is about this struggle I’m having falling in and out of love, something I still haven’t learned how to navigate. It’s taken me sometime to be okay with being vulnerable and honest in my art and Ben has really helped articulate my thoughts through song.”

For those New Yorkers out there, you can catch Baker at Miami Horror's 'The Shapes Block Party!' on Aug. 19 in Brooklyn. In the meantime, you can watch a lyric video for 'No Place I'd Rather Be' above or stream it on Soundcloud below. Have fun dancing your summer nights away.